How Do I Travel with Breastmilk?

How Do I Travel with Breastmilk?

How do I travel with breastmilk? It might seem daunting, but you can do it! It just takes some pre-planning.

TSA liquid restrictions don’t apply for breastmilk, meaning they allow you to bring more than the 3.4 ounces allotted for liquids with you in your carry on. You’ll just have to let a TSA officer know at the beginning of the screening process and they may x-ray your breastmilk for safety reasons.

How do I breastfeed at an airport?

An awesome addition to many airports has been the mamava lactation pods. They are freestanding lactation spaces that allow mamas the privacy and comfort they need to breastfeed in public spaces, which is SO needed—especially in an airport! Check out the list of their locations to see if your airport has a lactation pod.

You're on the what?

So, you made it through the airport (phew!) and now you're on the plane. Here are some things to keep in mind to make your experience as painless as possible.

  • Breastfeed or bottle feed your baby during take-off and landing. Sucking and swallowing helps relieve any discomfort from the air pressure change. You could also try giving them a pacifier to ease any pain.

  • Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is essential while traveling. Drink plenty of water (bring your momjug!) and avoid caffeine.

  • Find out where the changing tables are located. While boarding the plane, be sure to ask a flight attendant where the changing tables are located on the airplane. Sometimes they're in the bathrooms while other times they could be in the front or back of the plane.

  • Bring toys and books. Although this seems like a no brainer, these small items may be overlooked while you're focused on actually packing for the vacation itself. Sensory toys are a super helpful distraction too like pop its, fidget spinners and pop tubes are some examples.

Safe and happy travels, mama. You can do this! You are as tough a mother.


A personal note from our Founder: When I flew with my then eight-month-old for the first time, here's what I did and it worked great:

I filled four of our 8 oz. Dr. Brown Bottles with my freshly pumped breastmilk and put them in a bottle cooler bag with an ice pack. Having bottles ready to go made it easy to feed in the airport and on the airplane.

I also wanted to bring frozen milk in case of emergency—you can never be over prepared. I brought 10 pouches of my frozen milk and wrapped them together in tinfoil, then placed into a ziplocked bag and then placed into our small lunch box with ice packs.


As always, if you have any concerns or questions, consult a healthcare or lactation professional.

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