Lopsided Breasts: Is this Normal?

My Breasts are Lopsided: Is this Normal?

My breasts are lopsided: Is this normal?

Our bodies are full of surprises after giving birth. Between the lumps and flaps in places there never were and saying goodbye to that big baby bump you had finally gotten accustomed to, truthfully it may be difficult to be at peace with your “new” body.

Perhaps one of the most noticeable changes—to a mama—are her different size breasts. But, please try to go easy on yourself. Your body just did some AMAZING things – ahem, just take a look at your perfect new baby! And your body continues to do miraculous things as it starts to produce the single most nutritious food source, your breast milk.

However, the question most mamas want to know is if it’s normal to have lopsided breasts? The answer is YES!

Why are my breastfeeding breasts lopsided?

As your milk comes in and your breasts begin to enlarge, the difference in size may be more pronounced because one breast may have more milk ducts or production capabilities.

The best way to think of it is that your right breast and left breast are sisters, not twins.

Here are some other possible reasons for variations between breasts:
  • Normal anatomical differences
  • Baby’s preference for one side
  • Mama's preference for one side
  • Breast surgery or injury

If this continues to bother you or if you want to try to even them out a bit, you can try by starting every feeding on the smaller breast. This may allow that breast to make more milk and have it catch up in size.

Just make sure you don’t completely neglect the larger breast, or you could disrupt that side’s milk production. 

Give yourself grace

The more open we are about the shifts in our body, we help normalize this for new mamas everywhere. Instead of putting energy into loathing our post-partum bodies, try to pivot that focus into thanking your body for bringing your healthy baby into the world.

It’s okay to have moments of self-doubt but remember – you are tough as a mother.

A personal note from our Founder: "I remember looking in the mirror after I got home from the hospital and was in disbelief at how uneven I was. On a typical day, this would be something I would laugh at and shrug off. But hormones can make the smallest inconveniences feel like the end of the world."

"Looking back, I can say this now with a clear head ... try to go easy on yourself. I look back at that time when my own body felt foreign and unknown, and I give my now 'back to normal' body a hug. I wish I had the self-awareness and appreciation then as I do now knowing how special and unique my body is – that as a woman I have the opportunity to be able to nurture my newborn baby with this body. How remarkable is that?! What a true blessing."


As always, if you have any concerns or questions, consult a healthcare or lactation professional.

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